Fibre Safety Asbestos Surveys and Inspections

We provide independent strategic asbestos consultancy and high-level expert advice across a wide range of industries and building types. Whilst most asbestos consultancies focus on identifying the risk through asbestos surveys, bulk analysis and air monitoring services, we help our clients with the bigger picture.

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Keeping schools safe from asbestos

HSE will be carrying out a programme of inspections to primary and secondary schools in England, Scotland and Wales from September 2022 onwards.

Asbestos found in film production studio

Deadly asbestos has been discovered in large sections of Elstree Studios where some of the Britain’s biggest TV shows are made.

40-Year Asbestos Removal Deadline Proposed

The United Kingdom’s Work and Pensions Committee has proposed a 40-year timeline to complete the regulated removal of all long-standing legacy asbestos from public and commercial buildings, potentially setting a new standard for other nations to follow.

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